Meet the Stars

Meet the Lads!! Formed in GREATNESS in the halls of Griffith College Dublin, the boys appear destined for radio stardom.

The spendind greatness of Peadar, Thiago & Barry

The splendid greatness of Peadar, Thiago & Barry

Their story begins in the depths of Griff FM studios, they revolutionized the way student radio is done. Their unique sound and personality has blossomed in to one of the GREATEST PODCASTS ON PLANET EARTH!!

Now with their reputation well and truly established, it was only a matter of time before their greatness would stem outside the halls of Griff FM studios. Enter……and so a beautiful relationship was formed. The Amazing Adventures of Peadar, Thiago & Barry now features on one of the fastest growing lads websites in Ireland.

Their masculinity has also spread to the world of social media. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts are growing at the speed of light and fans, both men and women alike are desperate to even get a glimpse of them.

It appears their popularity knows no bounds.

So now, if you don’t want to be shunned by your family, friends and peers, you know there is only one thing to do – join the revolution that is THE AMAZING ADVENTURES OF PEADAR, THIAGO & BARRY!!!!

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